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For over 60 years Westfield Elementary School has provided exemplary learning experiences for students and this school year is no different!

Exciting things are happening at Westfield Elementary School! We are transitioning to the Common Core State Standards and focusing on 21st Century Skills in order to prepare all our students for college, career and beyond. Our teachers are working tirelessly to provide engaging learning experiences that guide students to use critical thinking skills in order to solve real-world problems. 

Westfield Elementary School is also home to Porterville Unified School District's prestigious GATE Magnet Program. The focus of the GATE Magnet is to provide Gifted students an enriched educational experience in full-day magnet classes. To learn more about the GATE Magnet Program at Westfield Elementary School, click on the link to the left or contact the school office.

If you are interetested in your child attending Westfield Elementary School and would like a tour of the campus, please contact the principal, Heather Bledsaw, at 782.7270.